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The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Published by: Chris Jantzen on 11-08-2020


Stories We Tell Ourselves With Rob Smith

Special Thanks To Tyler Bloyer for the introduction video!

1. Dishonest Storytelling Podcast Episode
2. Donate To Rob Smith and Ginnifer Davis, Glass Fire Victims
3. Gratitude and Hope
4. Smaller truths
5. Truth is a belligerent sword
6. Procrastination and white lies
7. Different Perspectives
8. Little Lies Lead To Big Lies
9. Lies We Tell Children
10. Suffering
11. We Are All Connected
12. Looking into Fear
13. Self Contemplation
14. Truth is A Monster
15. Stop Blaming Yourself
16. Self Control, Mental Freedom
17. Justifications
18. Balance
19. 1 John, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”
20. Judged by actions
21. Alignment of words and actions
22. Princess programming
23. Tell A Vision
24. Hero Programming
25. Quit TV watching
26. Being Conscious
27. Hypnosis
28. Government is Mind Control
29. Rock Bottom
30. Wanting to believe
31. Church, The Lying Safe Zone
32. Victim, Prosecutor, World Savior
33. Redemption, Contamination
34. Polarity
35. Fear is Lack of Knowledge
36. Love vs. Fear
37. School Indoctrination
38. Dumbing Down Of America
39. Communism and Socialism in Education
40. Question Everything
41. Biblical Lies
42. Authority and Man Made Lies

Keywords: truth, honesty, lies, stories, storytelling

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