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Dishonest Storytelling

Published by: Chris Jantzen on 10-19-2020


Lies Wont Lead To A Better Future

In modern culture the sad truth is that humans have swallowed lies wholesale. Slap in the face lies have been spread with massive news and propaganda networks. As truth seekers, We find ourselves wondering how it could be that so vast a percentage of the population could be so utterly fooled.
Thinking deeply about our personal past and experience, let's look at the many techniques that were employed to subvert our curious imaginative minds into believing hogwash bullshit.
The dishonest storytelling starts at a very young age and is the primer or precursor to the bigger deeper lies that are told in the external world. External world lies are easily supported when the inner structure of folks' minds are built with untruths. That internal structure is built through our everyday experience from birth starting with innocent fun stories and leading into trickery through various means such as holiday stories, religious stories, stories about the ideals of statism, and stories about the importance of money.

Keywords: lies, holidays, santa claus, easter bunny, pinnocchio

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