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Collectivist ASS-imilation

Published by: Chris Jantzen on 02-20-2021

Borg were some of the most feared enemies of the Star Trek crew. They had no individual souls, instead they were part of a collective soul belonging to a mother much like a beehive. The Borg collected people from all over the universe and implanted the slaves with mechanical parts to augment and control them. The Borg are a symbol of the idea of collectivism. This is the idea that the individual gives up power or control to the needs or wants of the greater group, the collective.

This presentation is meant to ask you as the listener some questions:
Do we live in a collectivist society?
What are the dangers of collectivism?
Do you want to live in a collectivist society?
How to live in an individualistic society? "8 Things You Should Know about WW2 Eastern Front"
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New World Order visual at WorldTruth.TV
The Corbett Report- Event 201
Tragedy and Hope 101- Joseph Plummer

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Keywords: collectivism, fascism, democracy, sovereignty, individualism, ww2, mao zedong, marxism, maoism, Fabian Society

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