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Weapons Of Control With Andy Brooksher

Published by: Chris Jantzen on 01-05-2021


How did things wind up like this? The present feels like a dystopian future imagined from the past. Orwellian reality begs the question of who really is in control. How do the "powers that be" keep control? What is their weapon of choice?
The modern war is one of information.
In this discussion, we lay out some good examples and stories about why you should not trust the media. Propaganda is a tool that is defeating the minds of humans.

Andy Brooksher does an excellent job explaining how control is used against the population as a weapon. Control of information is one of the first and most important battles that occur in every war. Propaganda is one of the most powerful weapons in existence.
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Do your own research! Those who are pulling the strings and feeding the media do not care about you and certainly not about truth! A great place to start is learning about The Creature From Jekyll Island:The Creature From Jekyll Island

New York Times Article

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