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Fuel For Rebellion with Dominic Tremblay

Published by: Chris Jantzen on 10-03-2020


Fuel For The Rebellion

Dominic Tremblay is working on translating the teachings of Natural Law to French.
Chris and Dominic have studied the work of Mark Passio on What On Earth Is Happening.
Discussion is on the subject of Anger, specifically focusing on Righteous Anger

Dog eat dog school prison mentality
Hollywood, mainstream media and music programming
Petty anger vs. Righteous anger
All important principle of freedom
Progressive tyranny in Quebec
Civil disobedience
How the fighting spirit has been removed from humans
Where is the righteous anger?
Chemical attacks on testosterone
New age psychological infiltration
Satanist ideaology
Finding the balance of not losing temper and being angry
Blind acceptance of arbitrary laws of politicians, stupidity
Quarantine, mask wearing, dating, long term ramifications
Love 'agape' based consiousness
Hypnosis from multiple sources from very young age
Conflicted minds
Channeling petty anger into righteous anger
Self defense and the Non agression principle
Polarization dialectics and propaganda
Death cults are not in alignment with Natural Law principles
Military and police want to be heros but they are aligning with evil
A right is an action that does not cause harm

Keywords: petty anger righteous anger quarantine mask wearing channeling self defense non aggression principle

Part 1: The Value Of Life | End Evil Presentation Series