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What We Cant NOT KNOW with Will Tell Keller

Published by: Chris Jantzen on 09-26-2020

“What WE Can’t NOT know”
First principles of philosophy / Truth & Natural Law

A discussion with philosopher Will Keller

First principles "First Things" are foundational and based in objective Truth in Nature. Humanity is lacking the essential knowledge and understanding of the foundational principles based in objective Truth in Natural World.
Natural defines as "of/from/relating to God" Not man made
Artificial defines as "made by humans/not Natural or necessary causes"

In this video our discussion is focused on the causes or root of Humanity's problems by way of knowledge and understanding Natural Law; the metaphysical, immutable, universal, binding and eternal Laws of Nature which are self existing and inherent in Nature.
Philosophy (Love of Wisdom) is the scientific study of discovering Truth by which one gathers knowledge of nature and it’s Laws, metaphysics, processes and applies to oneself thus transmuting knowledge and understanding into correct moral behavior or Right Action.
Through philosophy humanity can gain knowledge and understanding of Nature; it’s Laws and the correspondences between humans and Nature. We will convey what philosophy IS and how it is essential for the evolution of humanity in these dark days of ignorance and unconscious self-afflicting suffering.

"Belief is the enemy of knowing"
To believe is to take upon information that is Not based in objective Truth. It is dogmatic and complied with due to fear of punishment.
Humanity in the aggregate does not know objective Truth in the Natural World and therefore creating involution of immoral wrong action.
False axioms are statements or propositions to be considered as self evident but these belief system are false, not based in Truth, Artificial constructs of human mind.
Humans do not invent what is right and wrong, it is discoverable and we need to align our behavior to what is right by an act of our Will.


The solution is higher consciousness; higher awareness of objective Truth; Living according to first principles of Natural Law; Nature, the evolutionary creative force that can be harmonized with for the Syntropic force of Order in Nature. TRUE FREEDOM.
Truth is objective. Many folks are fooled into thinking that you can find any fact that you want to and believe that. It is too commonly accepted that there is no such thing as truth which in an of itself is the opposite of logic. To say that it is true that there is no truth is double speak. It is like saying a rock is not a rock. Rocks don’t exist when you are holding one in your hand. You can say there is no such thing as rocks as one is flying through the air about to hit you in the head.
We are connected. How do you separate one aspect of reality or of life? How can a human see without an eye? How can an eye see without a brain? What good is a brain without veins or blood or a heart. All systems of life depend on one another. The model for this inarguable truth is the tree of life which describes the fact that we as humans are part of each other and the greater web of life. There is not individual that can escape life itself but through death. The recognition that our thoughts and actions are of importance cannot be ignored if one actually thinks things through and loves knowledge. Everything we do matters. What any one person does affects all other humans. The ways we think as a group as a species are dictating the future physical reality. To deny that your thoughts matter and your actions are of consequence is to deny life itself, a giant middle finger to the universe and the creator or the All.
We are of immeasurable value. The extent of possible achievements of humankind has yet to be discovered because there is no finite end to it that can be imagined. One human can potentially motivate and galvanize the masses creating tumultuous or extreme change in the world. Every breath is an opportunity to commune and coordinate with the great All that is everything. The fact alone that the masses do not see and fully accept the birthright that is existence highlights the pain point of the modern age. The whole of humankind has been lured by technology and ancient trauma cycles into a sleep like state. For those that see through the veil of silence and dissonance it is a special time to be gracious and thankful for the opportunity to exist as the consciousness becomes aware of its next alteration.

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