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Stuck In The Movie 2 with Nathan Crabtree

Published by: Chris Jantzen on 09-05-2020

Ruts, downward spirals= stuck in The Matrix
People are stuck in Evil habits
I was also lost in the religion of Government
Ancient intervention theory
Tartarian victory of Evil
Intentions of like minds
Christianity and Dune
Chris Geo, Beyond The Veil
Social engineering conspiracy
Lloyd Pie and keeping secrets
Sovereign free thinking individual
Is all our work in vain?
Tufti the Priestess is the book by Vadim Zeland. He also wrote Reality Transurfing
The present as a screenshot
Nature of reality
Taking better control of your own fate
Progression of initiative to taking action
Sum of cumulative aggregate creates the NOW
Detached from the divine spark
Getting backed into a corner
The great chess game
Technocratic prison cant hold all people in
Nathan has been podcasting for three years. He runs a LBRY channel
Nathan also has work on Bitchute:

Keywords: nathan crabtree Tartarian christianity lloyd pie tufti the priestess

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