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Stuck In The Movie With Nathan Crabtree

Published by: Chris Jantzen on 08-31-2020


Nathan Crabtree

Nathan has been podcasting for three years. He runs a LBRY channel

Nathan also has work on Bitchute


Smoking cannabis and insane authoritarians/moral relativists
Speaking with others about Truth and Natural Law
Mask-wearing and changing ourselves
Nathan’slatest episode
Being a Passio fanboy
Nathan's Natural Law Guide
Fiery Leo strength
What you do with your time
Ego trips and distractions
Instant gratification
Blaming individuals for corporate greed and authority
Weather Engineering/Geoengineering and The Matrix
The lost tribe
Plant Shaman and Peyote ceremony/healing
Male and Female integration and synthesis
Rule enforcer personalities
Ruts, downward spirals= stuck in The Matrix
To be continued...

Keywords: nathan crabtree mark passio tartarian lloyd pie plant shaman peyote cannabis movie intervention theory male female

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