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Make Up Or Break Up Part 1: Relationship Conflicts in 2020

Published by: Chris Jantzen on 07-02-2020

2020 Make Up Or Break Up,
Relationship Conflicts Part One
Guest: Chil Will Keller, 93 Phoenix

2020 issues such as quarantine, COVID, protests, mask-wearing, the police state, politics are bringing up many relationship issues
Relationship problems are harder in situations with kids involved
Folks in the truth community have particular issues with spouses who don’t see the same issues or are not interested
Being a parent is a humbling experience, no easy answers
Know thyself, Understanding Natural Law, polarizing effect from society
Times of day where we get caught at a low point, like a battle
Making mistakes, saying the right thing in the wrong way
Freedom of choice, not being on the same journey
Individual path vs being on the path together
Learning truth, studying Natural Law and how it works in these relationship issues
The raw form of “giving a speech” disturbs the family, forcing an audience
Can't force someone to be a seeker of truth
Principles are bigger than me or my family
Do I sound like a nutcase? Seeing the other person’s perspective
No easy solutions, Principles come first
The growing process is painful
Wants vs. needs, hopes, and desires
Key to health is transcending the base level of consciousness
Consistency of being there for the family
Faith, Trust, Commitment
Love means not giving up?
Disney morality screws us up
Reality vs expectations
Learning selflessness through parenting
Learning about the self from kids
Self-mastery, self-sovereignty
Takes a tribe or community to raise a child
Constantly be better, learn from your parents
NVC, valuable tool
OFNR, Observations, Feelings, Needs, Requests
Taking Responsibility for feelings
Communication and community, a society of anarchy would require a higher level of communication
Confidence, valuing the self, confusion
Spiritual bankruptcy
Self Respect
Addiction issues
Co-dependence, trauma cycle
Karmic consequences
Toxic abusive narcissistic behavior
Succubus drains your energy
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Keywords: relationship, NVC, confidence, natural law, trauma, Disney, co-dependence, love, trust, commitment, faith

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