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Inspire The Desire | Plant Communication And Natural Law

Published by: Chris Jantzen on 05-31-2020

Thanks, Will Keller, for a wonderful conversation!

3 part combination

Mercury life essence
Salt astral essence
Sulphur is plant material

Magic and Medicine Of Plants
Foraging California
Spagyrics: The Alchemical Preparation of Medicinal Essences, Tinctures, and Elixirs

“Weeds” and Cannabis
Gateway to herbalism
Herb Mentor, John Gallagher

Plant, Natural Law Correspondence
Dandelions, Dandelion Tea
Winter roots are good
Spring and Summer, stem, leaf, flower

Saga School of Evolutionary Herbalism.
Phoenix Arelius
GrinagainGoods The difficulties of advertising
Teaching Natural Law parallels

How do you get people’s attention
Ice ledge allegory
Conversations are often contrary to what people WANT to discuss

Plants and Natural Law and Gardening

Tesseract, Numbers, Archetypes, Plants, Our Bodies, Hermetic Principles
Truth and Correspondence

Sports meaningless effort produces meaningless info
Entertainment is blocking our imaginative function
Ancients did learn about plants and nature with their minds
Understanding reality vs distraction
Meditation and Observation
Rudolph Steiner meditation with a rock
Can we communicate with plants? Listen with Heart.
Rupert Sheldrake Morphogenic Field.
Technology Of Consciousness
Memory technology
Foundation first, then walls

Self Mastery, Balance
Inconceivable! Mind Control is Impossible, right?
First Principles, science of knowledge and information

Natural Law is not a belief system it is a science
Icebreakers, how to warm up an audience to a difficult concept
Ropes Course Facilitator, Teamwork
Finding the Joy of Discovery of truth, How to Spark it with folks?
Psychedelic realization experience DMT
Life Changing Experiences
Plugging into the Universal Consciousness
You Cant Solve a Problem From The Same Level Of Consciousness that caused the problem

The spiritual journey is making sacrifices, then you reach some illumination point
Dying and rebirth of the self
Step of courage, initiative, make sacrifices
Synchronicity story about France and book The Great Cross Of Hendaye Jay Wiedner and Vincent Bridges
The Hidden Picture

Using talents and passions
The Desire To Learn
Inspire The Desire

Indica Martin
Give To Nature And Nature Will Give To You

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