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Dark Journey

Published by: Chris Jantzen on 05-22-2020

1. End Evil Video Presentation Series is prerequisite material for the show.

2. Negativity vs. Optimism and Idealism

3. Evil for humanity not the "All"

4. Manifested vs. Unmanifested

5. Ways This Podcast Can Help YOU

6. Spiritual Journey

7. Dark Journey represents hard choices

8. Evil is the destruction of Freedom

9. Subjects we will discuss future podcasts

10. Your immeasurable value

11. The Gates of Hell

12. Freedom

13. Thanks to Passio, Locke, Paine

14. Slavery

15. Get Involved

16. End Evil Guitar "Scritch"

Keywords: dark journey, freedom, slavery, Jeremy Locke, Mark Passio, Thomas Paine, Allan Watts

Part 1: The Value Of Life | End Evil Presentation Series